How to win Trust of a girl

Before want to Impress a lady we have to know what make them impressed..
  1. Always try to Speak the truth.. Don’t pretend.

Try to do your work in time.

Try to be punctual.. If you told her you will do something in a specific time. And you do that at the same time.. Not later then a Lady can be impressed by your commitment.

3. Physically and Sexually Strong.

A lady can easily be impressed by your Physical look.. If you are physically fit then there is much more chance to win their trust.. Because for that reason they feel secure..

Sexually, you must be strong.. If you have any intimacy at that time it is recuired to be strong. Sexually strong people can easily win the trust of a lady..

4. Charming : Smiling interactive Nature.

Trust the most valuable thing of our Life.

When you are with them in their trouble situations at that time they feel quite secure and they will trust you very much…

So for your conclusion to Impress a Lady :
1. Don’t pretend.
2.Time knowledge.
3. Physically and Sexually Strong.
4. Charming nature